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With your Grenoble Pass, enjoy free admission to the sites listed below (only one entry per site). Discover the offers included in G-PASS Chrono or G-PASS Montagne.

G-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72HTransportation

Unlimited access to public transport (bus/tram)

With your G-PASS, you have unlimited access to the entire metropolitan network: 5 tram lines and 50 bus lines serve Grenoble and its conurbation. The G-PASS makes life easier for you and offers you an alternative to the car: a more virtuous and susta ...

G-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72HLeisure

Grenoble-Bastille cable car

A return ticket is included in the G-PASS: take the trip with the cable car's famous "bubbles"! Up there, from the fortified site of the Bastille, a breathtaking panorama awaits you, from Mont-Blanc to the cliffs of the Vercors and the  ...

G-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72HMuseum

Guided tour with Grenoble Alpes Tourist Office

Discover or rediscover the richness of Grenoble and the surrounding area with the many guided tours offered by the Grenoble Alpes Tourist Office.

G-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72HLeisure

Guided canoe trip on the Isère river

Accompanied by a guide, discover the history of the city and its monuments as seen from the Isère, from the Île Verte to Oxford Bridge!  

G-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72HLeisure

Le petit train a trip on board

A 45-minute stroll on the little train to discover the city's historic heritage, with quays, squares, monuments and famous people awaiting you, a tour with commentary in 8 languages: French, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Japa ...

G-PASS Montagne 72HCave

Visit the caves of Choranche

Admission and guided tour included in your G-PASS. For around an hour, you'll follow an immersive and informative tour of the lakes and rivers. Our guides tailor their talks to suit the visitor and are there to satisfy the curiosity of young and  ...

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