Included sites

Le Funiculaire de Saint-Hilaire du Touvet


The funicular railway makes you climb 750m high, an altitude which separates the plateau of "Petites Roches" from the commune of "Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet", internationally renowned for the Icarus Cup, a major hang-gliding event. A breath-taking view will be caracteristic of your visit.

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Le Jardin des Fontaines Pétrifiantes


A true paradise with a thousand springs, enter this garden for a vast tour of the botanical world. Experience a magical moment where water becomes stone. Discover rare plants from the 4 corners of the world, acclimatized in a sumptuous natural setting of ponds and waterfalls.

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€9.20 (child €0.00) Free with the Pass!

Le Musée de la Grande Chartreuse


Visit the Museum of the Grande Chartreuse, an old living space of the brotherhood. This unique site is just 2 km from the famous Monastery which not accessible to tourists. Let’s have a short walk leading to an amazing viewpoint overlooking all buildings.

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€8.50 (child €0.00) Free with the Pass!

Le Musée Stendhal


Immerse yourself in the environment of the apartment of Dr. Gagnon, grandfather of Stendhal, a family house where the heart and mind of the future writer were awoken. A space dedicated to the childhood of one of the greatest 19th century French writers, assembling the main works of the collection.

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€5.00 (child €0.00) Free with the Pass!

Les Caves de la Chartreuse


An exceptionnal visit that starts with the story of the Charteuse monks and of their distilleries, moving on to a part in the longest liquor cellars in the world, ending the tour with a tasting of the liquor and a chartreuse based cocktail. Booking obligatory.

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€15.00 (child €15.00) Free with the Pass!

Magasin des horizons


MAGASIN des horizons, National Centre of Arts and Cultures, invites you to visite its temporary exhibitions that often include the production of original works, often working in close connection with invited artists.

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€2.00 (child €0.00) Free with the Pass!