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Natural history museum of Grenoble


With eight accessible rooms, the Natural History Museum of Grenoble is a space of preservation and presentation of natural heritage and a distribution point of scientific knowledge. The wealth of animal, plant and mineral collections, places it among the most important museum in France.

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Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye's museum


At the heart of a medieval village untouched by the passing of time, discover the exhibitions about the Hospital Workers of Saint-Antoine and their gardens where they concocted therapeutic scents...

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Sassenage's caves


Enter the cool air of these caves (12°C), listed as natural heritage, to admire the clear waters of the Furon. Step into the legend of the fairy Mélusine, who married a knight until the day he broke a promise... the Cuves are allegedly the home of Mélusine, keep an eye out!

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The big ripening room


Emblematic of the Dauphiné region, the PDO walnut of Grenoble has a great story told with poetry, humour and precision by the museum. In an old converted walnut drying building, discover the tales and legends of the walnut, the walnut profession and everything about this worldwide renowned nut.

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