Transports MTAG

Organised by SMMAG and operated by M TAG, public transport serves 49 communes in the Grenoble metropolitan area thanks to 5 tram lines, 50 bus lines and 22 P+R, urban and suburban services and a wide range of timetables (from 4.30am/5am to 1.30am/2am for the main lines). The urban network is 100% accessible to people with reduced mobility.

M TAG network is :

  • 5 tram lines and 50 bus lines
  • Urban and suburban services
  • A wide range of timetables: from 4.30 a.m./5 a.m. to 1.30 a.m./2 a.m. for the main lines
  • A network that is 100% accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • 22 P+R (park-and-ride facilities): park your vehicle at the gateway to the city and continue by tram or bus


49 avenue Alsace-Lorraine

04 38 70 38 70

Unlimited access to public transport (bus/tram)

G-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72HTransportation

With your G-PASS, you have unlimited access to the entire metropolitan network: 5 tram lines and 50 bus lines serve Grenoble and its conurbation. The G-PASS makes life easier for you and offers you an alternative to the car: a more virtuous and sustainable form of mobility for the region, which allows you to limit the carbon footprint of your journeys.

G-PASS offer :

  • unlimited free access to bus and streetcar lines within the metropolitan area

The transport ticket is activated the first time you use one of the M TAG network terminals. It is valid for 24 hours (G-PASS Chrono) or 72 hours (G-PASS Montagne). It must be validated the first time it is used, as well as every time you make a connection (this is a condition for it to be valid).

The M TAG network operates every day of the year except May 1st.

Buy your dematerialized Pass online and use it immediately !

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