G-PASS Chrono 24h



You've got time on your side, and the desire for an intense, concentrated experience. With maximum comfort and minimum effort. To fill up on pleasures, smiles and memories.

The city is beautiful. The G-PASS Chrono 24H is yours!

Includes: 50 free passes and discounts in Grenoble and the metropolitan area + unlimited access to public transport.

Valid for 24 hours.

Product description

The G-PASS is 100% dematerialized and will be delivered to you in the form of a QR Code. The validity of your G-PASS starts automatically the first time you use it at a partner site or on public transport. The G-PASS Chrono is valid for 24 consecutive hours. For example, if you scan your G-PASS Chrono for the first time at 2pm on Saturday, it will be valid until 2pm on Sunday. It can therefore overlap 2 days.
Public transport: be sure to use the "Press to generate Ticket M TAG" application button only when validating the QR Code for the first time at an M TAG terminal. The "Ticket M TAG" QR Code that appears will be used for validation each time you use a bus or streetcar for the duration of your G-PASS validity.

Buy your dematerialized Pass online and use it immediately !

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