Le petit train a trip on board

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A 45-minute stroll on the little train to discover the city's historic heritage, with quays, squares, monuments and famous people awaiting you, a tour with commentary in 8 languages: French, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese.

Departure from Place Grenette. 

G-PASS offer :

  • Your free guided tour of the city on Grenoble's tourist train

Opening hours
May to October: 10am-6pm.

Le petit train touristique de Grenoble

A train tour with commentary par excellence, taking you through the heart of Grenoble, capital of the Dauphiné and largest city in the French Alps. A dreamy stroll through squares, people and monuments. A must-see.

Transports en commun

Tram A et B, station Hubert Dubedout - Maison du Tourisme

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