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Thanks to the G-PASS Grenoble Alpes, you benefit from exclusive discounts and advantages (valid only once per site). Discover the offers included in the G-PASS Chrono or the G-PASS Montagne.

Nature and outdoor activitiesG-PASS Montagne 72H

Chamrousse lifts / Return journey

With your G-PASS, enjoy a 20% discount on your Chamrousse lift trips. Admire the panoramic view of the Robert Lakes from the summit. 

LeisureG-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72H

Climbing at Vertical'Art Grenoble

Perfectly located to the east of Grenoble, not far from the many cliffs of the Alps and just a stone's throw from Grenoble Alpes University, your new climbing spot made in VA welcomes you every day to Saint-Martin-D'Hérès in a large 1700m² ar ...

LeisureG-PASS Montagne 72H

Discovering la Magie des Automates

A magical tour of 350 animated characters. Younger visitors are enchanted, while adults fall back into childhood! Enjoy an enchanted interlude for over an hour on 1500m² of floor space!

MobilityG-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72H

DOTT, self-service electric scooters and bicycles

With your G-PASS, benefit from an 15% discount on 20 journeys on a DOTT self-service scooter or electric bike. More than 4,000 scooters and bikes are available to the public in Grenoble Alpes, with parking zones all over the metropolis. A fun way to  ...

Nature and outdoor activitiesG-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72H

Draisienne activity, 1st round of wheels in Chartreuse

Take advantage of a 10% discount on the draisienne activity, 1st turn of the wheels with the l'Ecole de Porte thanks to your G-PASS. First turn of the wheels using leg power, balance management on a fun course.

Nature and outdoor activitiesG-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72H

Escape Game : Indian forest Chartreuse

Do you know Robin de la Chartreuse and his acolytes? They roamed the region decades ago, amassing a large treasure to help the poor. However, this hoard of gold remained hidden in their refuge, as they ended their days in the gaols of Fort Saint-Eyna ...

Nature and outdoor activitiesG-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72H

Game drive in the Chartreuse with a guide

Use your G-PASS to take advantage of a 10% discount on an outing with a guide from the École de Porte. Spend an evening discovering nature as you've never seen it before, with animals and flora typical of the Chartreuse. The aim is to observe the ...

LeisureG-PASS Chrono 24HG-PASS Montagne 72H

Grenoble Carrousel

Give your child a ride on the merry-go-round! This pretty carousel on rue Félix Poulat is a must for entertaining your children. Take a break in the city center and double the fun for your kids! With your G-PASS, one ticket purchased = one ticket off ...

CultureG-PASS Montagne 72H

Guided theatrical tour of Pont en Royans

By night, under the glow of lanterns, experience the (re)discovery of this little-known village at the foot of the Vercors mountains. From the banks of the Bourne and its industrial history to its hanging houses and its inhabitants past and present,  ...

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